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Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference (TOR) may be drawn up by the customer on its own and e-mailed to WHITEPROJECT managers.
The TOR may be also prepared in advance at the venue by a WHITEPROJECT employee in the presence of the customer or its authorized representative.
If the arrangement of the venue does not require an on-site visit of the contractor before the event, our managers can draw up TOR with your assistance over the phone.

The TOR shall contain the following information on an obligatory basis:

- time of readiness of the site;
- commencement time of the event;
- end time of the event;
- inbound logistics of the site (place of unloading/loading, elevators, stairways, etc.);
- site administration (where it is necessary to interact with them);
- site plan (2D or 3D model) specifying location of the equipment.


We use to support EACH transaction with an agreement. We have specially developed templates of agreements with individuals and legal entities. We are ready to e-mail an agreement to you for perusal, if you so request.
We enter into a framework agreement with our customers which can be thereafter extended. Each new order will be executed as a supplementary agreement to the framework agreement.
The fee for the services shall be paid in non-cash form.


The equipment will be provided for temporary use only subject to a 100% prepayment, unless any other payment conditions are agreed upon within the framework of cooperation.
For more detail on ways and system of payment, please click here...

Reservation of equipment

In order to reserve any equipment, the customer shall pay a reservation fee of at least 10% of the amount of lease payment under the order.
The reservation fee shall be paid at least 5 days before the event. Once the customer has paid the reservation fee, WHITEPROJECT will guarantee that the required items are in stock at the time of the order.

Customer pickup

The customer may pick up the equipment from our warehouse (customer pickup) using its own personnel subject to mandatory attendance of shipment by the customer.
The equipment shall be returned to the warehouse by the customer itself as well. The customer must arrange performance of all handling operations on its own.

Loss of and damage to the equipment

In the event of an improper operation which caused any mechanical damage to the equipment, the customer must pay a compensation for repair of the equipment to be carried out by WHITEPROJECT’s personnel.
In the event of a failure to return, loss of or damage to the equipment as a result whereof it cannot be further used, the customer must pay the value of the equipment as provided in the Delivery and Acceptance Report.
In the event of loss or destruction of property, the customer and the contractor (or their respective authorized representatives) will draw up and sign a Damage Certificate on site.
If there is no representative of the customer on site, this certificate may be drawn up by employees of WHITEPROJECT unilaterally.
The term for payment of the compensation shall be provided by the parties in the respective agreement. The damage thus caused may be assessed by an independent expert examination.






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